Booster Club Info and Dates

Booster Club Info and Dates 2018-05-02T12:20:40-05:00

Pom Board

2017-2018 Booster Club Meeting Dates

First Monday night of the month, every month except July and December.

Third Floor at the Sharp Center, 7:00pm

Pom Executive Board meets @ 6:00.

  • Monday, April 2nd
  • Monday, May 7th
  • Monday, June 4th
  • Monday, August 6th
  • Tuesday, September 4th
  • Monday, October 1st
  • Monday, November 5th
  • January TBA

2017 Payment Schedule

Freshman, JV, Varsity

*estimated total expenses $4,000

  • April $450
  • May $450
  • June $450
  • July $400
  • August $400
  • Sept $400
  • Oct $400
  • Nov $400
  • Dec $400
  • Jan $250

Middle School Payment Schedule

April 450
May 450
June 450
July 175
August 175
Sept 175
Oct 175
Nov 175
Dec any additional amount needed to cover costs
Total $2,225


President-Lori Munger

1st President Fundraising-Brandi Thomas

2nd Vice President Publicity-Andrea Bennett

Secretary-Lisa Lilly

General Fund Treasurer-Megan Furlong

Varsity Squad Rep-Margaret Hosier

Varsity Squad Treasurer-Shannon Davis

JV Squad Rep-Shea Taber

JV Squad Treasurer-Kami Snowbarger

Freshman Squad Rep-Shannon Cornwell

Freshman Squad Treasurer-Ashli Rogers

Middle School Squad Rep-Lisa Philpott

Middle School Squad Treasurer-Melissa Miner

Members At Large

Concessions-Lori Munger, Shelly Burnham

Fashion Show-Jodi LaPlant, Lori Tuttle

Uniforms-Jennifer Johnson

Pom Coordinator- Tracye Stimson

Upcoming Events

Tulsa State Fair Competition  October UMAC

DTU Competition  November

State Pom Competition December  OCU

National Pom Competition February WDW